April 2022 | Implementing Microsoft Azure Key Vault | Laird Wilson

Post date: Apr 01, 2022 10:56:27 PM

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We'll build a basic .net web app in Microsoft Azure, create a Key Vault, add key vault secrets, and then build logic to retrieve and display those secrets. We'll further discuss best practices using Key Vault and how it potentially impacts CI/CD pipelines.


Laird Wilson is a graduate of Louisiana State University where he majored in ISDS. His career began in Network Engineering focusing on Cisco network/switch and Microsoft Server administration. He discovered his passion in developing new solutions using C# and SQL while earning his master's degree at Champlain College of Vermont. He put his passion in motion at Community Coffee, Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA, LSU, Continuum Inc., and most recently at Kuvare where he works as a Solutions Architect. Laird has more than a decade of experience working in .net software and database development, and holds certifications in Microsoft Azure, ITIL, and CompTIA. He also loves going to Disneyworld and the beach with his family, and hopes his brother-in-law will buy a boat to take him fishing. In short he's a nerd and professional geek. May God have mercy on his soul.

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