February '14 Baton Rouge User Groups Meeting

Post date: Feb 06, 2014 3:10:24 PM

Topic:  When ETL Goes Bad: Handling Errors and Data Anomalies in SSIS

Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Location: Louisiana Technology Park - brssug.org/where

Day of Training: The day of the February '14 user groups meeting, we'll have a national-circuit Business Intelligence speaker presenting a paid all-day training, then hanging around to present at the SQL Server User Group meeting that night! 

Register today for these limited availability sessions!

Tim Mitchell’s Real World SSIS: A Survival Guide


Bill Pearson's Practical Self-Service BI with PowerPivot for Excel

Unfortunately this session has been cancelled and refunds will be issued. 


8:30am - 5:30pm: Paid SSIS Training Class (Registration Required - seats still available!)

5:45pm - 6:15 pm: Networking and Refreshments

6:15pm - 6:30 pm: Announcements

6:30pm- 8:00 pm: Main Topic Speakers

Sponsored By: Community Coffee - communitycoffee.com

Lightning Round Topic:  Say What!? Avoiding Communication Pitfalls with Stakeholders

Lightning Round Speaker:  Wayne Losavio, Community Coffee

Lightning Round Summary:  We’ve all been there:  with your project hanging in the balance, you explain an important technical concept to your stakeholders and they get a confused look on their face.   This talk will give some tips for how to explain complex concepts, avoid communication breakdowns, and ensure successful technology implementations.

Lightning Round Speaker Bio:  Wayne Losavio has been a professional software developer for over 12 years, in both consulting and corporate settings. His primary experience is with the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, and associated web technologies.  He currently works for Community Coffee Company where he designs and develops applications that help bring the world’s best coffee to market.  Wayne graduated from LSU in 2002 with a degree in ISDS, and is the proud father of three girls.

Main Topic:  When ETL Goes Bad: Handling Errors and Data Anomalies in SSIS

Main Topic Speaker: Tim Mitchell

Main Topic Speaker Bio: Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence consultant, author, and trainer.  He has been working with SQL Server for a decade, working primarily in business intelligence, ETL/SSIS, data quality, and reporting.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M at Commerce, and has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2010.  Tim is an independent BI consultant and a group principal with Linchpin People. As an active member of the community, Tim has spoken at international, regional, and local venues including the SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Connections, SQL Saturday events, and various user groups and webcasts.  Tim is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, and is a contributing author on the charity book project MVP Deep Dives 2.  He is an active group member and speaker at the North Texas SQL Server User Group in the Dallas area. You can visit his website and blog at TimMitchell.net or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/Tim_Mitchell.

Main Topic Summary:  Even in the most reliable ETL system, it's eventually going to happen: A package will fail, an output row count won't match what is expected, a data anomaly will force a forensic search of the package infrastructure... 

In this session, we'll talk about some of the things that can go wrong during package execution - and some of the defenses that can be built into SSIS to help head off those errors (or at least make the errors easier to troubleshoot). From error handlers to package restartability, and from logging methods to row count validation and remediation, we'll cover various ways to keep your ETL flowing when problems arise.