January '17 SQL Server User Group Meeting

Post date: Jan 09, 2017 7:28:2 PM

Welcome back everyone! Our next meeting will be January 11, 2017 at the Louisiana Technology Park.

The meeting will begin around 6pm, sponsored by Baton Rouge User Groups!

 Lightning Topic: New Year's Resolutions

Speakers: Matthew Tessier, William Assaf, Jimmy Alt

Summary: In December, we sent out a survey to get some feedback on what you guys would like plan to do new/better in 2017.  Matthew, William, and Jimmy will discuss some of the feedback as a whole before breaking off into our individual groups.


Main Topic: SQL Server User Group Resolutions

Speakers: Group Discussion

Summary: Continuing on the Lightning Round, we’ll have our own roundtable on 2017 resolutions/goals.  Bring ideas on your personal goals and we can discuss as a group how we can help facilitate/support some of these goals.  We will also talk about goals in the group as a whole so bring any ideas you’d like to discuss the group undertaking. Matthew will share a 15 minute or so account reinforcing one of his resolutions for the year as well!

All of our meetings are open to the public, open to students, folks looking to get into the field and those looking to move up! Please spread the word and come prepared to learn and share your knowledge and experience!