The Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group April '18 BRSSUG+BRPBIUG Meeting

Post date: Apr 19, 2018 9:41:4 PM

The Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group

April '18 BRSSUG+BRPBIUG Meeting


• 5:45 - 6:15: General Introduction/Food and Drinks

• 6:15 - 7:30: Presentations

• 7:30 - Until: Open forum for questions

Detailed Map Info:


Main Presentation:

Execution Plans in SQL Server 2017

This session highlights the starting point for using the execution plans from SQL Server to assist in query tuning. Briefly, we will look at the history to get an idea of how Microsoft has improved the display through Graphical Plans, Missing Index suggestion, Live Query Statistics and the Query Store. Then, we will answer questions like the following. What is the difference between a Table and Clustered Index Scan? What is a Lookup? How do you improve performance of Lookups? What are the different types of Loops? How to get more information from the Plan with the properties window?


Lightning Round:

Witness the magic that is Power BI custom connectors!


A tale of intrigue and wizardry, harkening back to days when men and women of valor roamed the countryside righting wrongs and not just making connections with data, but also making connections with humanity.


Join me on a journey, if you will, through the sordid  escapades of “self-service BI” and discover what we all know deep down in our souls: that people are willing to serve themselves as long as the task is made sufficiently easy.


Thomas LeBlanc

Thomas LeBlanc (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) is a Data Warehouse Architect in Baton Rouge, and uses his 28+ years in IT to develop OLTP systems with normalized databases for high-performing T-SQL and dimensional data marts using SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, and Excel. As a PASS volunteer, he is past chair of Excel BI and Data Arch VCs and is active in the Baton Rouge UG and SQLSaturday. Blog - and

Andy Parkerson

Web Developer and Wand'ring Minstrel - With a MS in Mathematical Sciences, Andy has spread the joy of business intelligence and analysis wherever he goes. As developer at the leading eCommerce in luxury barbecue grilling, he has worked on automating product rankings to reduce and in some places eliminate the monkey-work of deciding what grill to show where, and what accessory to show with it. He is currently transitioning the reporting workflow to become more automated and more reactive to changes in the business.